Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sat Dec 1st, 2007

I didn't think the test was too bad (haven't seen my grade yet). I found this the hardest test to study for. I'm not sure why. I found some of the study guide questions a tad confusing. Or, at least I found it hard to locate an answer in the textbook. Also, I don't think we covered much of it in class lecture so reading it in the textbook was like hearing it for the first time, rather than a refresher.

However, I found the lab part of the test to be fairly straightforward and not difficult. And I must say that I really didn't prepare for it. I guess I'm just starting to remember what I'm doing, somewhat.

One very annoying thing that has happened with every lab is that when I get home and try to work on my map it does not work. Part of the problem is the mapping of the drives, I think. I assume that I did not remove the drive letter from the path (which you told us to do). However, it should be able to easily correct that by remapping the drive in ArcMap. On the contrary, even after re-directly ArcMap to look at the correct drive my map still gets messed up. Tonight I don't feel like fighting this, even though I stupidly did not do a final save on my map before I exported it as a jpg file. So, I'm just going to post my map without the nice legend and heading, etc. that I put on it in class. I don't feel like battling this thing tonight. I thought it would only take me a minute to add it again but instead I ended up struggling to just get the map working a little.

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