Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sunday, Dec 9th, 2007

Once again, I had to completely re-create my map from scratch. This time it as in class from the work that I did at home last weekend. Usually, it's when I get home and try to use a map that I created in class.

I am getting better at it, however. This time the only thing missing was the clip of the raster layer for hillshade. When I tried to re-create that layer I couldn't find Spatial Analyzer on my PC. I'm sure that I installed every extension when I set up ArcGIS. I remember quite clearly. There must be some 'setup' issue. I will figure it out and then reclip the raster layer. I appreciate you showing me how to do that, Pete. That was cool.

Anyway, there is my map for the New Classical Academy issue. It shows all the parcels 3-7 acres in size, within 3 miles of I-26 and not within 1 mile of a landfill. I finally got a response from them. Although they were appreciative, they told me they are in negotiation with someone for a purchase. If it falls through they'll get back to me. I also sent them an Excel spreadsheet with the attribute data, including addresses. I thought they could do a mailing from that. Even if someone does not have their property up for sale, they might consider selling it, or part of it if they knew it was a school interested.

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